Creating this website was a lot more difficult that I had expected it to be. I had used WordPress in the past to create blogs for two different classes, yet it has been most complicated to navigate now while creating the site for this class. I think this is due to the fact that for my other two classes I created a simple blog site, without a menu and various different areas. I am very excited to learn how to create a site like this, even though it is coming as a bit of a challenge. The videos made to aid the creation of the website came as major help to me for formatting the site and ensuring that I added everything I wanted to it.

It took me some time to choose the theme I wanted to use to display my information. After going through many of them, I decided on the one I am using because of the amount of editing and customizing it allowed. This theme gives me the opportunity to choose fonts, menu placements and colors of backgrounds. A lot of these features were not available with most other themes.

Before the end of the semester I want to add more of my own images or images I find online to my website instead of using the photos from the site.

Image result for digital media

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