On September 15-16, the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival had an on campus event where they brought select movies from the film festival to Emory’s campus. I attended the Israeli movie Bethlehem (2013) that was directed by Yuval Adler. It was shown in White Hall at 7:45 pm. Emma Kantor, a junior here at Emory University, gave a brief introduction to the film festival and invited Professor Shai Cohen, a Hebrew professor of the college, up to the stage to give a historical background on the events that were described in the film. Professor Cohen explained that the situations demonstrated in the film provided a very real example of what the current situation is like in the West Bank. He then went on to explain the division of the West Bank and what entities control which sections of the region. Finally, he described the Palestinian National Authority and the govererning powers of the West Bank. 

Overall, I felt that the plot of the story was a bit confusing. The film demonstrated both Razi and Sanfur’s perspectives, showing what each one of the characters were going through and thinking. Yet, I felt this made things a little more confusing. The flow of the film along with the fact that it was narrated in Hebrew, puzzled me. I continuously lost track of what was occurring and found it very hard to follow along.  

After watching the film, I thought about how this could be related to Janet Murray’s four affordances. I realized it could not because watching a movie is an analogous kind of media, not a digital one. Watching a film does not require a procedure, a participant, a space nor does it contain all the information one may need.

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