For my final project, I decided that I wanted to write about the rise of virtual assistants and the affect they have had on today’s society. While thinking about my final project, I came up with several ideas about digital media that I thought I could maybe talk about. However, when I thought about the use of virtual assistants, I realized that this was something that is very interesting to me, as well as a form of digital technology that has only become popular within the last four years. I thought it would be interesting to write about how these virtual assistants (Google Home, Amazon Echo, Siri, etc…) have become so popular, and their affect on society as a whole. Why have these products become so popular? Have they made people lazier? What are the benefits of having a virtual assistant? Are these machines invading our privacy? I began considering all of these questions as I was pondering the topic and came to conclusion that this was something I wanted to find out more about, and spend the rest of the year researching.

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