For my creative project, I am going to create a digital diary. I am going to personify the Amazon Echo (Alexa) and write diary entries, in the form of a blog, for a week from Alexa’s perspective. Doing this will allow me to explore the abilities of the Amazon Echo in a creative way. In order to create this, I am first going to research and find all of the known commands Alexa can respond to. From these, I will choose the most used, and will personify them by including them as parts of the Echo’s daily habits.

To finish the creative project on time, I will research, create the blog and begin writing the week of 10/28. For the following week I will continue writing and I will insert the graphics and photos I want on each page of the diary, so that by November 10 I will have at least half of it done as a rough draft. After this deadline, I will finish up any writing I have not finished and I will make all of the edits necessary for December 4.

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