For my creative project, I decided to make a digital diary from the perspective of the Amazon Alexa. In order to do this, I looked up all of the commands Alexa responds to, and from there I created the events I wanted her to deal with each day. The commands shaped the things Alexa encountered on a daily basis. 

To publish the journal, I thought of several ideas. The first thing I thought of was to create a real online digital journal. I then realized that was not as feasible as I had thought. From there I thought that I would make a blog, just as we have been doing in class to publish the steps of our project. I thought about using WordPress since I had a bit of experience using it. I then remembered the challenges I encountered with it when I first went to create my blog for the class, so I decided to create a website on Wix. This was much more navigable and user friendly.

When choosing the theme of the website, I looked for a template that most resembled a social media feed. The one I found was perfect. It even allowed me to put an icon that looked like a profile pictures on a social media website. From there, I wanted to personalize the site as much as possible, so I decided to create a photo that looked like a child’s journal cover. I found a font that looked like a child’s handwriting and used the Amazon logo under the writing to make it clear that this is coming from the perspective of the Amazon Alexa. 

As stated before, I wrote from Alexa’s perspective through using the commands that she commonly responds to. I wrote her thoughts throughout seven days, and ended each one of the entries by saying “Forever Prime.” I used this term, as a way to create a play on words, alluding to the Amazon Prime service. 

Similar to my research paper, my creative projects dives deep into the world of the Amazon Alexa. I thought it would be interesting to come up with the way Alexa viewed the world for the creative aspect of the assignment, while looking at the way users view the Amazon Alexa for my research paper. Although the part of the way Alexa views society is fictional, it provides an interesting perspective as to how the machine could potentially have viewed society if it had real thoughts. 

Finally, this topic relates to our class as it looks at a digital form of technology that is currently impacting our culture. Much of my inspiration for this came from watching the film Her in this class. As I was watching the movie, I continuously thought about the ways Samantha was similar to the Amazon Alexa. The resemblance between the two was astonishing, especially because this movie was made prior to digital assistants becoming popular. By looking at the way the digital assistant has already developed in the short amount of time it has been out, and the way the movie Her depicts Samantha, it becomes evident that the impact they can potentially have on our society is concerning. 


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