After working with WordPress and this website for a semester, I have mostly mastered how to create posts, new pages and how to add pictures to the site. WordPress is definitely not the most user-friendly website making tool, but after getting used to it, it is manageable.

Over the course of the semester I was able to personalize the website to my liking, and learned how to make different tabs, as a way to organize all of my information. Although I was not able to create a drop down menu for each page I had in the menu bar at the top, I was able to create a “home page” for everything belonging to my creative project. When creating my website, this was one thing I had in mind. I wanted all the parts of my creative project to be in one section, and for everything else to be in different tabs.

Under my creative project menu, there are different buttons, each pertaining to the different assignments I had to create for the project. I also have created a tab for the reflections I had to write, and one that is linked to the Twitter page I made for the class. The major goal I had for this website was to have it organized and navigable. I think through the use of the menu bar, and the various tabs I have created, I have accomplished this goal.

One of my other goals for this was to add more pictures that I found on my own, rather than using the ones that belong to the website. Although I did not really use too many images for the different sections of my projects, I did add a photo to the home page of the site. So I guess I could say I accomplished this goal as well.

Making a website was much harder than I expected. As I stated at the beginning, WordPress is not the most user-friendly website, making it pretty difficult to really customize the entire site to my liking.

Although I am unsure of how I will use this particular website in the future, I will definitely use the skills I learned for creating a website for other classes, internships, and even for after college.

Finally, using this website really put a lot of what we learned in class into play. Since the classes objective is about digital media, I think publishing our assignments to the Internet gives a real- world example of how we can use the digital world for our academic career.

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